Thursday, 15 November 2012

H&M MMM Collaboration - 7 ways to avoid the fashion scrum!

This is fantastic advice!! 

I've just discovered this on the "Time" site. 
The best part of the article and can I say, the only thing that you need to repeat- Mantra style is ...........
Be prepared. Plan what you want in advance!!!
Remember, this is not a shopping outing with the girls -(or boys! ) this is real life- get sharp about it! There is not the time to browse the rails, and ponder of your possible combinations.
If you snooze you lose! It's as simple as that. 
So adopt the pose and strike - " Ninja style," 
Find it, pick it out in your size, and move on to the next hit point!
This is not a joke. It can be mayhem tomorrow ! 
Read below for other good tips, but remember - good research is a must. !!
Good luck!!

H&MYes, it’s that time again. Another day, another H&M designer collaboration. This time, it’s the turn of Maison Martin Margiela whose threads will be in store when shops open tomorrow morning. Like always, we predict a fashion scrum as people shoulder barge to grab the limited edition goodies. Here’s a few tips to help you avoid having to bring elbow pads or starting to camp outside the shop right now…
- Go in tonight and find out about deliveries. The first delivery may be complete mayhem, but often there will be an afternoon top up, or another one the next morning, with just as much stock to replenish. Find out who the store manager is and grill them.
- Browse the range thoroughly online before you go and work out what you want. Then go in like a ninja – hit only the pre-identified targets and ignore the rest. Faffing around having a browse may leave you empty handed.
- To get to the front of the queue, use everything you have learnt from the tube. Don’t stand at the back; bring up on the flanks of the crowd and then slyly make a lateral movement to the front. If anyone says anything, just shout ‘FOR GOD’S SAKE I HAVE BEEN QUEUEING SINCE LAST NIGHT!’. They’ll never know.
- Find out which stores are taking the collection; the Oxford Street flagship will invariably be mobbed, but it’s often worth trying the Westfields, and even better, stores in other cities where customers might not be so up on designer deliveries.
- Don’t assume that your mistake buys will be floggable on eBay. The key items – in the case of MMM the perspex wedge heels and tuxedo jackets – will make you money, but the weirder stuff may well end up going for less than you’ve paid for it.
- If you’re feeling desperate (and brave/nuts), take a Kanye West lookalike along with you to try and get VIP access. Preferably one in a MMM jacket. He’s a superfan.
- Obviously if you really want stuff, go early. Go REALLY early. Don’t be afraid to arrive in the dead of night.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Martin Margiela - The H&M Collaboration

Its coming!!!
Save the Date! 15th November 2012.

The new collaboration is almost here, the count down has begun, and the wish list is definitely growing!

I'm going through a strange experience. It looks like H&M are slowly working their way through my favourite designers.

Comme Des Garçons,
now Martin Margiela.

Are they watching me?
Following me on my shopping routes?
Is this some kind of "Big Brother game?"

It looks great. There are signature statements in cut, and shape, a bizarre twist of ideas and above all unique creativity!

I think that this is probably the collaboration that fits best with H&M.
It is modern and innovative in a way that appeals to "Our Northern European Soul!"

Clean lines, drape, volume, and a sense of discreet hidden fantasy.- well actually sometimes it is also quite overt fantasy!
Yes, its the recession. Yes, we don't need anything else. Yes, there is no space in the wardrobe......
But there is temptation and seduction and its happening all over again...........

I can't take it!!

Have a look at the link above for the latest teaser.

When you've looked at that, then check out these "Beauties"......... but get behind me!.
I'm in the queue. Everything here is mine, I saw them first!!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Store watch - "Amsterdam Le Cool". Pt 4

EEN Amsterdam. you must visit the store and you must check out the look book. This is an authentic store with a premium high quality edge.

City Visit : Een Amsterdam. 'Amsterdam Le Cool Pt 3'