Saturday, 27 October 2012

Store Watch - "Amsterdam Le Cool" Pt 2.

The New Weekday Flagship store opened last month and this is a place to check out.
The Scandinavian understated message is in full effect. A cross between a 'Guerilla Pop Up Store' and a temple to the colour Black, the store behaves like a temporary fashion paradise and is situated on 
'The Rokin', in Amsterdam Centrum.

The products to watch are the Black compact and dense wool coats, pea coats and English style Donkey jackets.

There is the full range of Cheap Mondays denims and corduroy jeans, plus Weekday, and Weekday Collection- a more premium line.

The other bonus is a fully operational live printing and customising, creative studio on the first floor. 
T shirts, jeans and denim jackets can all be given your personal touch.

Hmmmmm watch out those cold night are coming- Get in there as Op=Op 
(Sold is Sold for all the non Dutchies!)