Saturday, 27 October 2012 City Visit : New York Stories Pt 1

A Flash City Visit to NYC - "The City That Never Sleeps! New York City.
Well, food for the source!
To all the people that I met, if for only a few seconds, thanks for adding to the experience!

Lower East Side - You Rock!
Greenwich Village - You break all cool boundaries!
Soho- You tread the tight rope of style!
Broadway- You make hipster feel so inadequate, you are the new Fashionistas!
Williamsburg - Well, you raise the bar every time!

It was a buzz and vibe that I did not see in New York for some time. The recession mood is lifting slowly and is being replaced by optimism, creativity and a new "Hustle".

Cool and trendy people with an ambitious, contagious creativity.

A creative spirit that reminded me of the Basquiat days. Energetic, 
Free Spirited and Experimental.

When you are in The Ludlow Street area, in the Lower East Side, you need to check out the store called ODD.

A crazy concept store with a homage to Black and all things unisex!
Men and women browse freely in all the rails and all areas, imagine, a dress for her, is also possible as a long pullover for him!
Watch out, your wardrobe is no longer your own safety zone!
Everything is possible!
160 Ludlow Street, NY