Monday, 29 October 2012 City Visit : New York Stories Pt6

Feel the Love.
Need we say more, with the freshness in their look, this could be Paris!, but this is New York! 
Let the love shine on!

In Love and cool too! City Visit : New York Stories Pt 7 Downtown. City Visit : New York Stories Pt3

The Cool Couples.
Somewhere it is all about the complimentary look.
Do It  In Style.
xx City Visit : New York Stories Pt 4

Lafayette style.
Things get a little hipper and a little more chic, or maybe that is just a new energy! City Visit : New York Stories Pt 5 Denim Vision.

Saturday, 27 October 2012 City Visit : New York Stories Pt 8 Happy Halloween.

 City Visit : New York Stories- Pt2 The Cool Steppers!

Making a few cool steps!
As I passed through the Lower East Side, I was stampeded by cool steppers!
On their way to Pianos on Rivington and Ludlow.

Part 'Nu Skool Band' and part 'Super Trendy' fashion guys, these are the new, modern elite!

The Casette Necklace is fantastic!, My kids will only ever know this as a Necklace!! imagine!
Play music on that- no not possible its a necklace! City Visit : New York Stories Pt 1

A Flash City Visit to NYC - "The City That Never Sleeps! New York City.
Well, food for the source!
To all the people that I met, if for only a few seconds, thanks for adding to the experience!

Lower East Side - You Rock!
Greenwich Village - You break all cool boundaries!
Soho- You tread the tight rope of style!
Broadway- You make hipster feel so inadequate, you are the new Fashionistas!
Williamsburg - Well, you raise the bar every time!

It was a buzz and vibe that I did not see in New York for some time. The recession mood is lifting slowly and is being replaced by optimism, creativity and a new "Hustle".

Cool and trendy people with an ambitious, contagious creativity.

A creative spirit that reminded me of the Basquiat days. Energetic, 
Free Spirited and Experimental.

When you are in The Ludlow Street area, in the Lower East Side, you need to check out the store called ODD.

A crazy concept store with a homage to Black and all things unisex!
Men and women browse freely in all the rails and all areas, imagine, a dress for her, is also possible as a long pullover for him!
Watch out, your wardrobe is no longer your own safety zone!
Everything is possible!
160 Ludlow Street, NY

Louis Vuitton - Yayoi Kusama. Amsterdam

Store Watch - "Amsterdam Le Cool" Pt 2.

The New Weekday Flagship store opened last month and this is a place to check out.
The Scandinavian understated message is in full effect. A cross between a 'Guerilla Pop Up Store' and a temple to the colour Black, the store behaves like a temporary fashion paradise and is situated on 
'The Rokin', in Amsterdam Centrum.

The products to watch are the Black compact and dense wool coats, pea coats and English style Donkey jackets.

There is the full range of Cheap Mondays denims and corduroy jeans, plus Weekday, and Weekday Collection- a more premium line.

The other bonus is a fully operational live printing and customising, creative studio on the first floor. 
T shirts, jeans and denim jackets can all be given your personal touch.

Hmmmmm watch out those cold night are coming- Get in there as Op=Op 
(Sold is Sold for all the non Dutchies!)

Store Watch - "Amsterdam Le Cool." Pt 1.

Amsterdam is "Buzzing!" 
The new season, the fashion looks, the autumn leaves, it has finally started - Autumn Winter 12.
After talking with our favourite restaurant owners, Simo and Nazir from Mamouche, we can safely say that the bad summer is behind us.

This is Amsterdam! - 12 days of terrace weather Spring Summer 2012!!

When you are in the Pijp you need to visit Mamouche.

Mamouche is located at 
Quellijnstraat 104
1072 XZ Amsterdam 

But I think that is is safe to say that ...........The Autumn Winter 12 is getting back on track and into some sort of new normality........and with this we can start to think about the winter wrap up!

The atmosphere in Amsterdam is alive with a sensation of "Le cool!" 
A buzz of small stores with very modern and authentic concepts.
Here are some of my favourite as a start to the Fall Winter 12.

" FOUR ", from the guys at Azzuro, is on P.C Hoofstraat and has a great brand mix and very knowledgable, friendly staff.
It is a store that as you pass you are immediately hit with a sense of curiosity. 
Wow, great interior, great lifestyle message and brands from Neil Barret, Tom Browne, Balanciaga. This is a temptation nightmare!

The selection is strong everything from urban, dressed and cool in the same steps, the shopping experience takes you through a 'dressed up' showing mood into a 'cool day' statement and into the 'urban slick' down in the lower ground floor. Perfect.

One of the best brands and products to look out for, are the denims by 3 X 1, from New York.
These are hand made and tailor cut, specially for you. 
Choose your denim, choose your cut and customise a few details like thread colour, name patch and signatures and "Hey presto- ! 
2 weeks later they are specially delivered to you.! - Now that's cool!

P.C. Hooftstraat 127

1071 BS Amsterdam

the Netherlands

+31 (0)20 679 22 44

Full Brands list.

3.1 Phillip Lim



Adam Kimmel


Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander Olch

Alexander Wang


Bedwin &
the Heartbreakers

Christian Louboutin

Canada goose

Castangia 1850

Common Projects

Dead meat


Faliero sarti

Gemma.H Uomo


Human Made

James Perse

Jil Sander

Martin Margiela

Mark McNairy





Mosley Tribes

Mr. Bathing Ape


Neil Barrett

New Balance

New Love Club

One T-shirt

Oz abstract

Permanent Mark


Raf Simons

Raleigh Denim



Simeon Farrar


Thom Browne

Umit Benan


Vans Vault


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fall Winter 2012 - The Colours.

American Vintage.
A uber cool French Brand is making a fresh international impact.

What a fantastic range of colours. Full of the vibrance of the new season and in soft, light weight, luxury cotton blends.

hmmmmmmm - This is going to be a colourful season.!

A little style tip - Colour with black it's the statement form Visionaire- 
This will be big in the deep November nights, as we wait for the Christmas parties to kick in!!

See Fall Winter 2012 Trends.

Colour worn with Black- Don't forget!

American Vintage. Van Baerlestraat 18 WKL  1071 AW Amsterdam

Blue Marine Fall Winter 2011.

E. Tautz - Fall Winter 11. combine colours with dark tones.

Loewe Fall Winter 2011. 

Blog shots Paris. The Military Look.