Monday, 3 September 2012

London City Visit: Trends- Blog shots - The Shwop - Oxfam / M&S

At the Truman Brewery, London, Brick Lane, Sunday April 29th.

This was the scene just down from "The Vibe Bar" Brick Lane,  London!

It really took me by surprise, hundreds if not thousands of well placed and well connected, unwanted treasures, all swaying slightly in the wind and provocatively attached to a 60's style office building!

Wow, what an amazing sight.
It was really exposed like living art! 
Part of an initiative by Oxfam / Marks & Spencer's - Shwop!"
Bring your old clothes into a participating store, for an exchange for something new or just make a contribution towards recycling either the raw materials or the full product.

Fantastic impact, great initiative and it drew a tremendous awareness to the excess, discarded wardrobe essentials we are currently hoarding today.

When we think and look consciously into our inner fashion safety zones, we will find many unwanted and discarded "friends" waiting for a resurrection. 
They all want the same thing!!!- the opportunity to bring love and joy to a new generation!- 

Can we liberate these items, once proudly called "My Style essentials"?

Our parents grew up with the mentality that we should buy something new only when the last one is worn out, finished, destroyed, or just a little too embarrassing to be seen with in the supermarket!

There was nothing 'make do and mend' about all of these forgotten favourites, it was purely a stand against continual mass consumerism!

When did you last wait until something was finally dead before throwing it into the abyss that is the second hand collection box?

There was nothing noble or glamourous about it, just a great way to highlight an alternative option to our irreverence to the growing concept of waste!

Marks and Spencers joins some designer and contemporary names who are introducing this initiative into their stores.

Filippa K, Margaret Howell, Levi's, Lee, Nike with running sneaker style.

Shwop - Shoreditch, Brick lane, London

These products are closer to God, being so high up, 
but that does not help them gain easy access to a second life!