Sunday, 15 April 2012

Trends: The New Colour Revolution.

This is the New Colour Revolution.

Fresh, clashing dynamic, colourful, lively and all with the power of a New Generation.
We can see artistic influences from all angles in a new attitude to colour, colour combinations, colour mixing, and colourful techniques in painting and photography. 
It is visible on the streets, we see it in London, Paris and Amsterdam. It is visible in Art we see it in the latest David Hockney retrospective at the Royal Academy, in London. until April 9th. (Guggenheim Museum Bilbao- May 14th - September 30th)
You have to check out his ipad work. the colors he is developing here are totally incredible.

So from contemporary art to street art, I am totally in love with the new energy, that is coming through the voice of the street at the present.
I have been quietly watching the change of mood and being stimulated by the new creativity with colour and street graphics. It has been exciting to make my own personal links in the influence on design currently.

Here is something form Dutch design week, October 2011, where new colour combinations create a fresh energy.

Dutch Design Week. objects in colour.

Colourful statements in high street fashion, from the boutique mentality to the mass market statement.

High street colour on colour boutique message.

Ted Baker Accessories in Selfridges, London 

Glasswear in a new colour energy statement.

Its great, I feel the same type of bubbling spirit that I felt 20 odd years ago in the Eighties. It is something that is creeping in around us at the moment and back in the eighties everyone wanted to touch it, be involved with it and be influenced by it.

David Bowie, Duran Duran, The Human league, Athena posters, they all had a new understanding about photo's, graphic print and art. 

It was a 'future modernity' and the desire to experiment with a new vision.
Remember 'Flash Dance'?  

New materials, new graphics, from airbrush stencil artworks to digital photo montages or modern record album sleeve covers.
In Shoreditch, Lomdon recently, I was exposed to the latest crop of new art. 
The references here drive me towards a disposable set of cartoon characters who are munching their way through Redchurch Street into Brick Lane and back out behind Liverpool Street Station.
Grids of clashing primary colours run alongside new characters in motion.
And this Artist or artist group have been busy!!

Colour with colour, but who is chasing who here?

New bomber jackets with a statement in multi coloured graphics.

Is this a new buddy for "Sponge Bob!" It is definitely Cool London.
Excellent use of colours with the contrasting combination of purple and yellow, pale blue, turquoise blue.

The multi coloured fox head, Redchurch Street London.

Part of a trilogy, near Redchurch Street, London. November 2011

Comical genius. Ultra graphic prints. Brick Lane London, November 2011

Vintage pullover from Beyond vintage, Hanbury Street London. November 2011

How simple it could all be, if it could all come together in one. 
Colour is not done yet and especially when we combine with black details or black frames.

Let the colour love shine out!!