Saturday, 28 April 2012

London store trends - Fourth & Main

Independent Creativity is alive again.
Newburgh Street, London W1, used to be the hustling bustling hive of independent creativity, small one off boutiques, Owner driver operations or creative spin offs from the likes of  Levi's - with their experimental Cinch concept used to drive a special type of creative customer looking for true inspiration and the possibility to mix their own style and something off the mainstream path.

New on the London scene and fresh on the block is a great new store.

Convenience store complete with Daily Specials Board.

It is located on the corner of Newburgh Street in the Carnaby Street area of London Soho
The new menswear fashion store "Fourth & Main" opened last week, April 21st, to a soft trickle of 'fashionistas' looking for that something special and well cared for.
The mentality is cool, inspired and with an English 50's style.

Modern British interior.

It oozes quality, and the possibility to really discover something special.
The fashion concept is a small limited collection of less that 50 different styles each in a limited colour sophisticated range, where the focus is on quality materials, honest styles and a simple, direct, no nonsense approach.
British workwear.

The owners, 2 young guys, who've been friends for more than 10 years, began writing their journal and eventually evolved the idea into having their own Fashion store and label.

They are the designers, the writers and the collaborators, they are really entrepreneurs!
.........And they are enjoying it! 

The store has the feeling of an 'Old British Convenience store', where a friendly atmosphere and a local smile is offered by the owners and store staff.

Clean Design.

The shop interior is decorated in a minimal and functional style with the use of a simple Cedar wood book cases which houses proudly, both products and the "Fourth and Main journal".
The look of the products is a combination of clean and modern stylish menswear.

Beautiful cotton Club shirts, in a range of 3 colours, Linen blend double breasted blazers, cotton twill colonial style Bermuda shorts and a workers jacket matched with simple tonal T shirts that add a spirit of soft combination. 

The look is somewhere in the vain of Classic British design, where typical English workwear meets a fine tailored sophisticated style.

Maraget Howell, Nicole Farhi or the origins of some Paul Smith vintage pieces.

Beautiful simplicity, Cedar wood bookshelves and simple hanging system.

Friendly atmosphere, with chalk board list of Prices.
Shirts 65.00 GBP, T- shirts 30.00 GBP, Shorts 50.00 GBP, Blazers 155 / 200 GBP.

Old English convenience store style front windows.

Let's hope that this sparks a renaissance of individual British style in the area.
Be sure to make a visit!
Sidney Rhule. April 2012