Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Trends: - Cool and sophisticated Yves St Laurent / St. Laurent Paris

All change at St Laurent!

The fashion circus is on the move, after 10 years at the head of Yves St. Laurent and probably after his best ever catwalk collection and his best period, Stefano Pilati is stepping aside for new blood, well the new blood is quite experienced actually! 

He is Hedi Slimane!
Hedi, previously worked for YSL in 1997-2000 so he is well acquainted to the fashion house. 
He has also never designed a women only collection!! 

So quite a risk, although he is well placed to build the brand, it is a clear message that PPR are looking to make a new statement in the YSL history.
Is it a bold move towards the original modernist values?

Cool sharp and sophisticated the lean revolutionary lines of Slimane are about to tickle and tempt a new audience.

It took me some time to warm to the collections of Stefano Pilati, and also, I remember thinking, could an Italian designer bring the gentle flair to a French Fashion house?
Well the answer was definitely yes!

A sophisticated fabric selection, gentle combinations, beautiful volumes, a touch of gold that brought a glamour and elegance back to this french chic.  I totally loved this style and elegance.