Monday, 19 March 2012

Trends : Africa Crazy - Burberry 'keeps it real'.

Everybody is going Africa Crazy!!

Who would ever have ever thought that Africa would be a supplier to second hand fashion!!
From the Catwalk of Burberry Spring summer collection to the second hand stores of Paris, we are again gripped by the passion of Africa.
Printed shirts, printed pants and fabulous appliques and simple efective graphics and decoration.
All the feeling from " Back Home" but with a "Only as Europeans can!" price point!!!!

Shirts 395.00 Euros
Trousers 595.00 Euros
Jackets 695.00 Euros
Beautiful, modern and stylish, with some great inspiration. But wow!

Unfortunately the second hand or the ones you can buy direct from Africa are all not quite there and need some investment to re tailor the collar, re cut the body shape or over dye the fabric t bring it into modern standards and less in traditional standards.
This is the power of taking inspiration from the simple fabric cloths and now transforming them into branded unique items!

Burberry Prosum Spring summer 2012 Collection.