Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Trends: - Africa Crazy from Catwalk to 2nd Hand!

From the Catwalk to the second hand store!!

Not just any second hand store- of course not.


Rue Etienne Marcel, next to Cafe Marcel is not just any address in Paris!!
What Killiwatch does, collects or presents is definitely worth checking out and taking and educated risk with. They have their finger on the pulse!.

The only thing is, if they could see us now!
The world upside down!

In west Africa, Ghana and Togo for example, they are looking for the latest Manchester United and Liverpool football shirts and they are kicking their old Traditional shirts into the corner.

..........."these old things we have so many".

"Why look like everyone else!!
We want to show we know what the cool names and brands are!!

If only they knew that crazy Europeans would pay them good Euro - Dollars for these old cast aways, how happy they could be??!!"

But here in Killiwatch they are selling second hand African Clothes!! what will the world do next!

Well this is the crazy thing of fashion.
One mans trash............