Friday, 16 March 2012

Colour Clash City Visit: -Transport is King- The Mumbai Taxi

Mumbai and the Mumbai Roar!!
It's there loud, live and direct!

Taxis, cars, motorbikes, motor rickshaws, animals, street sellers, street beggars. 
The constant flow is incredible.

Somewhere mixed into all the chaos is a form of ultimate efficiency.
as the saying goes......."Many hands make light work".

This is a phrase that makes the craziness of Mumbai actually make sense.

There are people everywhere. everyone hustling to make a few rupees.
All working on the basis that if we are many then it must be efficient.

Unfortunately we met many people who were not so skilled to do their jobs, mostly service industry work, that even though there were 8-10 of them working the efficiency was the same as 2-3 people!!

Are you prepared for contrasts?
Modern, fast, hustle and bustle with an energy of a developed business world looking after its own future, contrasted with an ageing infrastructure that desperately needs overhaul, investment and future planning.

Control and chaos all in the same breath!!

City life. The Mumbai Taxi.

Mumbai contrast, and there are many more beautiful than this, but this has some great character.
Previously well planned buildings now in superficial decay.

Urban life by Motor bike.

Rickshaw taxi, the real deal!

When you see 1 you see 10. There are 19 Million people after all!

Choice is not a problem.

Big is beautiful.

You are your taxi!- these are air conditioned, that's why they are Blue and White!
There are levels for everyone!

City Life.

Near the Hanging Gardens.

Cool Colonial status. The Royal Enfield.

If you cant read follow the Pictures!!!

And if you can't write it or draw, then spell it as it sounds. 
Are you a Ledi or a Gent. 
Because Ledis is this way, and Gents is that way!!

Downtown Mumbai!

Take me to Colaba Road and move it!!!