Sunday, 11 March 2012

H&M Marni collaboration

I'm having deja Vu!!!!
H&M Commes DES garçons
H&M Lanvin

What a night!

I didn't see it coming. I thought I had my urge under control!

They did it to me again!!
It crept up on me slowly. The subtle stream of soft tempting information.
......"8th of March"
......"Look out for the new collaboration. "
......"Marni also featuring menswear."
......"Sophie Ford Coppola directed and shot the advert."
......."Top models including Mila Jovovich ."
......."Check it out H&"

So I did, from the iPad in bed. First just browsing, then making a wish list, then checking the assortment in 4 countries assessing where the best assortment was located!
London, Paris, Stockholm or Amsterdam?
Then making my mathematical equation, number of people per store per city, crossed by the width of assortment vs 1 HR 30 minute time frame, vs budget.
The result would = the best time shopper assortment ratio known to man.
This is my personally devised in fallible tool.
The end result was Amsterdam 5th floor at 9.12 am.

Then booooooom I was hooked!!!
I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I could only wait with anticipation for the 7.00am alarm to ring.

I now had a wish list of 700.00 euros, and included reserved items for men and women and shared comments on Facebook in 24 countries!!

But first I would have to navigate "the school run"

Dressed- fed- out of the house - walk to school- kiss at the door- run back to the car- get to Dam Square!!!
Was it going to be possible before 9.00am!????
Yes, I was there 9.03 the doors hadn't opened yet. I was one if the first!!!
Ok , what did I remember? There would be no time to shelf watch and think in wardrobes it was time to - seek- locate - choose - and move on!!

I was not prepared for what happened next.