Thursday, 15 March 2012

H&M Marni Collaboration- What Happened Next?

Well, what happened next has thrown me into shock!
I was excited and full of anticipation. I wanted to experience a burst of energy in the women's collection, not to mention I was looking forward to "touch and feel" some of the great styles I had seen on line!!!

It was a war zone! the perfect killing fields!!
There were hundreds of ferocious, demonic fashion hunters out there! I was Frozen in time just watching the feeding frenzy. I was harassed by security who could not understand why I was hovering in the peripheries just observing and recording the scene..... "Maneer, Maneer........."
came the shouts from security next to me. "Sir, Sir..." I gave him a look, as if to say ..."do you see what I'm seeing? I'm busy right now, now push of!!"
He got the message quite quickly and moved on to crowd management!!

There was a very ambitious central display highlighting some of the key items as seen on line!!
This became the target for the mass attack.
They were soon the last pieces of the collection and the sales assistants were besieged to bring down those last pieces!!!

While I was recording and watching, I realised that I was missing good shopping moments!
I left my neutral observer role and stepped into the arena!!
I was pushed shoved and growled at, I had 3 potential purchases stolen from my hands.
As I politely waited for the person in front of to thumb through the sizes She stole in front of me to steal the exact same size I was looking for!!! Killer instinct!
after the 3rd time I learned eat or be eaten!

I passed through here with my life in my hands- victorious !! 
I had a beautiful Techno Nylon Mac for the 'Good Lady at home'!

Now on to the Men's section!!