Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Trends: - Cool and sophisticated Yves St Laurent / St. Laurent Paris

All change at St Laurent!

The fashion circus is on the move, after 10 years at the head of Yves St. Laurent and probably after his best ever catwalk collection and his best period, Stefano Pilati is stepping aside for new blood, well the new blood is quite experienced actually! 

He is Hedi Slimane!
Hedi, previously worked for YSL in 1997-2000 so he is well acquainted to the fashion house. 
He has also never designed a women only collection!! 

So quite a risk, although he is well placed to build the brand, it is a clear message that PPR are looking to make a new statement in the YSL history.
Is it a bold move towards the original modernist values?

Cool sharp and sophisticated the lean revolutionary lines of Slimane are about to tickle and tempt a new audience.

It took me some time to warm to the collections of Stefano Pilati, and also, I remember thinking, could an Italian designer bring the gentle flair to a French Fashion house?
Well the answer was definitely yes!

A sophisticated fabric selection, gentle combinations, beautiful volumes, a touch of gold that brought a glamour and elegance back to this french chic.  I totally loved this style and elegance.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Trends: - Africa Crazy from Catwalk to 2nd Hand!

From the Catwalk to the second hand store!!

Not just any second hand store- of course not.


Rue Etienne Marcel, next to Cafe Marcel is not just any address in Paris!!
What Killiwatch does, collects or presents is definitely worth checking out and taking and educated risk with. They have their finger on the pulse!.

The only thing is, if they could see us now!
The world upside down!

In west Africa, Ghana and Togo for example, they are looking for the latest Manchester United and Liverpool football shirts and they are kicking their old Traditional shirts into the corner.

..........."these old things we have so many".

"Why look like everyone else!!
We want to show we know what the cool names and brands are!!

If only they knew that crazy Europeans would pay them good Euro - Dollars for these old cast aways, how happy they could be??!!"

But here in Killiwatch they are selling second hand African Clothes!! what will the world do next!

Well this is the crazy thing of fashion.
One mans trash............

Monday, 19 March 2012

Trends : Africa Crazy - Burberry 'keeps it real'.

Everybody is going Africa Crazy!!

Who would ever have ever thought that Africa would be a supplier to second hand fashion!!
From the Catwalk of Burberry Spring summer collection to the second hand stores of Paris, we are again gripped by the passion of Africa.
Printed shirts, printed pants and fabulous appliques and simple efective graphics and decoration.
All the feeling from " Back Home" but with a "Only as Europeans can!" price point!!!!

Shirts 395.00 Euros
Trousers 595.00 Euros
Jackets 695.00 Euros
Beautiful, modern and stylish, with some great inspiration. But wow!

Unfortunately the second hand or the ones you can buy direct from Africa are all not quite there and need some investment to re tailor the collar, re cut the body shape or over dye the fabric t bring it into modern standards and less in traditional standards.
This is the power of taking inspiration from the simple fabric cloths and now transforming them into branded unique items!

Burberry Prosum Spring summer 2012 Collection.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trends: H&M Marni - Africa Crazy at Marni H&M

Everyone is going Africa Crazy!!

Some more from the Marni H&M where we can see the Africa Influence. 
Great prints and fantastic new experimental styles.

I love it for the cool look and feel.
Now all styles are totally sold out worldwide I love it even more!! 
The power of exclusivity!

For some behind the scenes exploration you must check out the blog pages of Marni.

This is genius.

The bag, modern, seductive and a must have.
I have one!!

The shoot, it just teases you in. I have the shirt.!

The look the style!
I also have this one!! but I didn't see the bandanna! is that .... "stylist own.!.."

The dress, you had to be there to see the fight! ooohhh la la!

The top and skirt, same story! 

The men's Africa print shirt.

The short sleeve version. beautiful soft cotton.

The Parka of extreme style!

You snooze you lose!
Just pick it up and buy!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Windows - Paris style capital.

Paris in February 2012.

The super modern windows of Printemps, Boulevard Haussman.
3D -4D moving images, interactive and spacial sound on top.

A real wow experience where you can actually 
Stop- Look- Listen- Interact.

This was impressive.

Showstudio - Nick Knight artwork and fantastic theatrical effects.
Was Fashion - Now Art.

Interactive film, where micro images are taken from all around and a small camera follows your motions and now interacts with you directly in the film and window image.

Printemps Home windows.
Excellent- Focus- Dynamic- Quality.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Street Trends : Welcome to Blog Shots - Copenhagen cool

Happy Days Vintage style.

This is the new cool message
vintage checks, pullovers, scarves hats glasses and beards!
Accessories your look o make the statement.

Colour Clash City Visit: -Transport is King- The Mumbai Taxi

Mumbai and the Mumbai Roar!!
It's there loud, live and direct!

Taxis, cars, motorbikes, motor rickshaws, animals, street sellers, street beggars. 
The constant flow is incredible.

Somewhere mixed into all the chaos is a form of ultimate efficiency.
as the saying goes......."Many hands make light work".

This is a phrase that makes the craziness of Mumbai actually make sense.

There are people everywhere. everyone hustling to make a few rupees.
All working on the basis that if we are many then it must be efficient.

Unfortunately we met many people who were not so skilled to do their jobs, mostly service industry work, that even though there were 8-10 of them working the efficiency was the same as 2-3 people!!

Are you prepared for contrasts?
Modern, fast, hustle and bustle with an energy of a developed business world looking after its own future, contrasted with an ageing infrastructure that desperately needs overhaul, investment and future planning.

Control and chaos all in the same breath!!

City life. The Mumbai Taxi.

Mumbai contrast, and there are many more beautiful than this, but this has some great character.
Previously well planned buildings now in superficial decay.

Urban life by Motor bike.

Rickshaw taxi, the real deal!

When you see 1 you see 10. There are 19 Million people after all!

Choice is not a problem.

Big is beautiful.

You are your taxi!- these are air conditioned, that's why they are Blue and White!
There are levels for everyone!

City Life.

Near the Hanging Gardens.

Cool Colonial status. The Royal Enfield.

If you cant read follow the Pictures!!!

And if you can't write it or draw, then spell it as it sounds. 
Are you a Ledi or a Gent. 
Because Ledis is this way, and Gents is that way!!

Downtown Mumbai!

Take me to Colaba Road and move it!!!