Saturday, 18 June 2011

Street Trends: Welcome to Filterlife Blog shots!

The Blog shots-
The trends of fashions select Buyers at Pitti Uomo, and the recent Trade Fairs across Europe.

A selection of random shots in Florence this week.

A creative Vintage style.
Enjoy some cool looks from the Global Fashionistas!

Sidney Rhule

City Visit: Pitti Uomo, the Fashion Circus Starts a fresh.

The Fashion circus started again this week, with the first of the Spring 2012 Trade shows.
Pitti Uomo.

Highlighting the hottest new trends and preparing the store owners and Fashions 'select buyers' to open the spending budgets for the new season!

Colour is definitely hot, but the influence of Japanese styles and creative flair was the most significant trend statement on view. The seas of men in Blue blazers and white pants with handkerchiefs, brogues, panama hats and vintage sunglasses was almost a Tsunami of Sartorial style.

But Brands such as Wool Rich and Haversack, were among the strongest and most creative combining workwear with a strong heritage tailored style.

Hand made hand love and beautifully hand crafted was the message.

Wool Rich Bros.

Wool Rich and sons

Barbour and British heritage.

Haversack. Rich craftsmanship and style.

Japanese influence on English heritage style.
Sharp waistcoats, and traditional blazers.

Florence, Fall Winter 2011 collections ,

Trench Florence, with a Sartorial casual statement.

New Pleated trousers.

Sidney Rhule

Paris is full of colour

It's true, techno bright, hyper saturation, ultra vitamins, they all mean the same thing.

I'm just back from Paris where the designer stores are looking fantastic!
Lanvin, Joseph, Mui Mui, Merci, Marni, Chloe, Celine, Stella Macartney, all looked great with super hyper colours for the new season.

Favourite colours were, hot pinks, orange, bright tomato red and a bright golden yellow.
Skirts are back, also shorts and seventies style trouser suits or high waisted, loose and fluid pants in new fresh colours.

This new statement in bright colours is often combined colour on colour, but also in strong combination with black, creating graphic contrast, or with white offering a freshness to the vitality statement.

The mix and match approach to colour was especially visible in  Printemps which had a super vibrant statement, showing key pieces from Jill Sander Spring 11 collection, in the entrances.
Printemps have really comitted their consumers to colour!

It looks new, and dynamic.
I think us as influencers, have a role to convince the retailers too, so let's
"be brave!" and "go for colour!" for at least the next 2 years!

Go for colour.
Creativity is imagination made real!