Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Paris Style -Marithe Francois Girbaut.

The engineers of original style.
Marithe Francois Girbaut.

Parisian cool would not be the same without the inclusion of a brand and visionary such as Marithe Francois Girbaut.

Marithe Francois Girbaut has re- opened the store on Rue Etienne Marcel, in Paris.

Creative windows.
Dynamic shapes, and cuts and inspiring ideas.

This season there's a new look, with another stunning shop fit.
A combination of modern techno and ecological warrior, the design of the new store us industrial with a laser cut innovative wood panelling mural, which seems to grow and move organically along the walls.

In the fashion collection too there are new statements.
Typical engineered trouser shapes are combined with asymetric blazers and global nomadic knitwear.
That is knitwear that has a nomadic feel, cut short at the back, and distorted proportions.
Structures in the fabrics give a vintage tailored outlook.

This look blends well with webbing tapes and nylon cords to create unique statements in wearing possibilities. Pull a little here, knot a little there.
Even this seasons 'must have' chino, is given the Girbaut twist.
Lightweight cotton is ergonomically shaped, cropped , and then tapered.
Refined gold metal details, and a fine tailored silhouette.

This was one of the best retail environments this week in Paris.

Exciting and original.