Tuesday, 8 March 2011

African Pride

The style trend focus is all about sub-Saharan Africa. 
The streets are noisy, the air is dry and the heat is a pure 40 degrees!
The palm trees are high in the sky and offering very little shade, but what do you feel all around you?
Nothing but vitality, passion, colour and cultural stimulation.

This is Africa!

“African style” comes and goes into focus on the western Fashion Radar, 
but here in Accra, Ghana and Lome´, Togo, life evolves very slowly and fashion trends don’t really have a great deal of importance!

In Africa you need to create your own trends, it is all about style!

Say it with Flair! 

Let your look shine out!

“It's time to put your best ‘foot’ forwards!” and Strut your funky stuff!

When you see “African style”, the striking thing about it is 
‘the cool’ stand out by their co-ordination. 
It is a subtle difference, but it is clearly a statement in "you either have it or you don’t".

Everyone has the opportunity to be the star, it is just about how you package the look.

The giveaway sign is always the same, the right accessories, the right support items are what brings you into the spotlight.

Simple shades. Go for the retro or the aviator.
The cut of the shirt. Keep it loose but not over sized. The muscle look is key.
An essentially ‘cool’ motorcycle. The ‘Sanya’, the ‘Yamaha’, and the ‘Leopard’ are a rare cut above the rest. Functional, simplicity and no nonsense, stainless steel, leather and with a beautiful chrome finish.