Sunday, 13 February 2011

Trends: - The warm pastels Spring 2011

Think of the warm glowing light of the early hours, the sun is edging its way into the morning sky, there is a slightly misty layer of light appearing in the horizon, it is vaguely pastel coloured.

These are the "Faded Lights of Spring".

Warm pastel colours are this seasons alternative to the ultra bright colours, show by some designers.

The new shades are light, airy, dreamy and in combination with fluid styles, create a look that is totally sophisticated and supremely elegant.

Body skimming drape, gathered waistlines, wrapping and pleating bodies allows a statement which is comfortable and with a cool lounge style.

Silky materials and a nonchalant attitude create an alluring mood. 

But take note,  traditionally soft colours result in a very tentative cool start to the season, not here, there is nothing cold about these Pastels.

Warm ecru
Fuzzy apricot
Light coral
True soft mint
Even pale sky blue

Pastels are truly making a 'come back!'.

Pastels in combination with Black.
Start the season with a soft statement in wearable style.

Flat, fluid and compact materials create a romantic tension, between new noble casulal statements and the romantic flowing goddess.

The oversized and elongated shapes create soft layers and express creativity in drape and fit.

Paris, Who's Next. 'Spring 11

Test it out.
The faded lights of Spring.

Soft Ecru and pale blue. The sophisticated Pastel look.

Barbara Bui Store, 
Rue Etienne Marcel, Paris, Jan 2011

Trends: - The Collage Boutique 2

The Individuals store Amsterdam, with a cool example of The Collage Boutique, its latest magazine pages pasted completely all over the store structure.

Read, shop, and become part of the Art!