Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Design - Objects of Desire.

Object of desire....
the awe and impressive statement fuels our need for stimulation and excitement.

Swarovski Chrystal, and a rusty iron fork lift truck.

oversized and sultry and impressive.- Smokey glass, and the shape of bottles combined in an artform.

The ultimate in table tennis. But will it improve your game!!

A  1 piece dining table.

Trends: align your senses- it is all in 'The senses' DDW

Beautiful, clean, experimental, modern, visionary.
DDW Dutch design week ended last weekend and the Eindhoven design school graduates also showed some of their final or latest ideas.
There was a strong statement in returning to our human roots. returning to natural beauty and connecting to our senses.
Wood was a special attention material, as was glass, and wool. It was a return to natural - almost sustainable materials.

A connection to simplistic design and familiar hand craft, hand made techniques.
Four of the Six senses were exposed to the test.

A project to explore the aesthetic properties of glasses and eyewear. the frame within the frame and an illusion give to the connection of all the parts.

A simplistic approach.

movement and distortion.

The art of wine making in a elegant design.
The process of creating your own wine has been stripped down and divided into a beautiful process using refined hand made materials.
Glass, Copper, and wood.

All the equipment is stored within the box and packaging, so that this focusses on the purity of creating your own pure form of wine.

Purity and Balance.

A Flash Card Retro Radio.
This radio uses a SD flashcard to play back familiar songs delivered in a familiar looking radio box with a totally expressive modernit method.

Cool your senses with aromatherapy oils. fresh cut flowers were the center of this exhibit, collecting all the colours and scents from wild and nursed flowers. Hmmm the perfect scent.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Blog shots - The Re Birth of Cool.

Its the rebirth of cool. and the new looks on the street.
Part vintage, part new punk, part prep school romeo, but all the time individual.

Hosting the looks at HIX, Brewer street. London.
Cool, vintage, prepster.
The statement for the winter is The blazer is back with a little casual elegance. V neck fine merino pullover, your best oxford shirt and a cool slim tie.

Wired for sound, clashing colours and an eighties Flashdance twist. Hanbury street. London

The Mods meet the Musketeers, cool with the Movember message, Mustaches at the ready, London Redchurch street.

Its all about the fur baby! A little touch of the 60's revival. London

Girls, Red's and Checks. 
The colour is growing this fall winter with the message of totally red on its way, here the message is mix and match.

Modern Mickey in a eclectic mix of colours and statements.

iPhone cool. 
From the Blackberry bores to iPhone cool.
iPhone vs Blackberry. ?
You choose.

Fabrizio, from Rome. Cool accessories and a very cool mustache.

Retro cool.

The coolest Dog walker in East London.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Street Trends: Welcome to Filterlife Blog shots!

The Blog shots-
The trends of fashions select Buyers at Pitti Uomo, and the recent Trade Fairs across Europe.

A selection of random shots in Florence this week.

A creative Vintage style.
Enjoy some cool looks from the Global Fashionistas!

Sidney Rhule