Friday, 31 December 2010

Trends: Creativity The Collage Boutique

Hip Hip Hooray!! The New Year is coming,

Firstly I want to  wish   you   ALL
           A     Happy   New   Year.!!!!!

New beginnings, New challenges, New excitements, New ways of expression.
But get ready as this is just the beginning!!!!

2011 is the stepping stone to the restart in 2012. The belief is, that, life will restart, like the face of a clock, everything in life starts with the number 12.

At this point 2012 everything should come back to the original Zero.

So take this as a message to refresh and restart your Creativity and your fresh new style.........

But first.................. the statement on Creativity.
What ever you do do it with style, flair and a touch of creativity!!.

Take the extra moment to think about it.
What type of paper, what type of message do you want to make.?

As a rule.........
Keep it loose keep it simple and keep it creative.

The Collage presentation still hits the spot.
For me it all starts with Paper.
Make it by hand and use the modern techniques.
Back to basics with an historic twist.

Black and white, chic and cheap!
Cut paste layer and collage.
Add and element of handrawing. 
Retro film noir feel.
Totally Paris.

'Who's next' Paris 2010.

Subtle and flirty.

Black and white graphics and a hot spot presentation. Minimal and boutique style.

Neon tubes still keep that ultimate boutique edge.

Happy   New   Year.

Trends: The Graphic overlay

Can I See a show of hands??

Hands up, ............Old record covers or new CD's in lays?
I choose Old record covers every time.
Bigger is sometimes better!!

You can read the credits and sometimes even the song lyrics!
You can see the band and even check out their next tours or gigs!

The record LP, is something to really treasure. Something to hold on to while scanning a new album. 
Something to stack and file and come back to months later, where was it recorded, when was it made. It is really history in the palm of your hand!

So check out iTunes and give this one a blast. 
Comments welcome,  is this one any good!!

Trends: Amsterdam Mode Fabriek- Dangerously cool new colours.

The Newest colours for the new season.

Coral, Petrol, off White and Dark Caramel.

So advance that it is dangerous.
Get ready to fish.

Moda fabriek, Amsterdam 2010