Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thank you Lanvin H&M

Well my madness began last night!
From midnight last night until 7 AM this morning, I could not sleep with the excitement and can you believe it at 8.00 this morning I could not get on. !!!

So I figured that, ok I will not be first in the line, but then I would try again at 9.00.
Then again at 9.00 AM still " busy!" so I had almost resigned myself to ebay and a high overpriced experience, until the call came.........

"I've seen the blue shoes in your size do you still want them???"

"Yes!!! Yes!!! I still want them!"

So I have them !
The blue shoes are mine!!!!!

So, I will have them in a week.

Keep on the look out, as my shocking, cool blue shoes, could be flashing in a neighbourhood near you soon!