Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thank you Lanvin H&M

Well my madness began last night!
From midnight last night until 7 AM this morning, I could not sleep with the excitement and can you believe it at 8.00 this morning I could not get on. !!!

So I figured that, ok I will not be first in the line, but then I would try again at 9.00.
Then again at 9.00 AM still " busy!" so I had almost resigned myself to ebay and a high overpriced experience, until the call came.........

"I've seen the blue shoes in your size do you still want them???"

"Yes!!! Yes!!! I still want them!"

So I have them !
The blue shoes are mine!!!!!

So, I will have them in a week.

Keep on the look out, as my shocking, cool blue shoes, could be flashing in a neighbourhood near you soon!

Trends: the Lanvin H&M collaboration. It is driving me crazy!!

Lanvin and H&M!

It is here the Lanvin H&M collaboration! 
I cant take it, I need to be out there! The doors don't open until 8.00am and then there are probably too many people in the queue! But I still want to be there!
It will be a bun fight in the cities near you. Launching 23rd November , which also marks the start of the party season, yippee!

This is the most creative 'must have' collaboration to date, and I think that, in honour of this I will wear my bow tie tomorrow! 
It wont be a Lanvin, but it will have to do! I'm on a budget.

Get there early, queue or plan an offensive attack! You will need it, it will be wild.
It was launched in the US at weekend, and the new york stores were sold out in less than an hour!! Arrrgghhh help!

You have to check out the videos, the story telling of Alber Elbz is just beautiful. Simple stylish and creative. It just feels like he is having fun everyday and producing creativity in his sleep!

The cartoon has really come alive with the H&M videos where there are bubble captions for the girl who is offered Diamonds and slams the door in the guys face when she say, "I don't want Diamonds I want a Lanvin dress."

The ruffles and pleats are a Lanvin signature but really beautiful shapes and simple high quality ideas are never 1 season flashes. This is something will continue for a couple more seasons. The look is very timeless with a splash of modernity. Satin and taffeta, combined with zips used as external decoration and folds and shapes cut straight out of the mainline collection.

the main line
This link is the best- I want the bag!!!!

There are some cool videos on this one. And what about the music- twin peaks style cool!

This look is decadent and flamboyant.
A little 80's, rara skirts and short dresses drive a totally Glamorous must have look.
The show starts at 8.00am!!
Get in line, and please bring me a bag!!

I want this bag!!
This was taken in New york with a serious statement on consumer spending....Recession?? no Fashion!!

Vintage bottles from the Lanvin perfume collection.
Something for the weekend?

The sketches have always conveyed the wit of Alber Elbaz, and now they have been immortalised in a short dvd.


The famous LBD by H&M Lanvin, watch out for it on eBay next few days.

Forget about the Blue Suede, it has to be about sparkle and shine!! I need these shoes!

Hmmmm something for the lovely lady.........

That's the one for the dare devils!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Trends: The Vague and Moving Future

The Vague and Moving Future, is a look at the emergence of moving image as a key communication source for the design network.
Trends and street photographs are very visible today with the numerous mediums which expose the latest style, but moving images as an evolution of art and fashion are creeping slowly into the visionary communication radar.

The collaboration of, extreme fashion and the artistic direction of 2 Fashion heavyweights, is something very special.

One of the must see presentations this year is the very graphic presentation of the Autumn / Winter 09 collection by Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight, show studio production / collaboration.

Simply sublime.
Movement, choreography, design, atmosphere and contemporary vision.
It is a morphing, smokey, semi transparent affair with visual majesty.!!

Models blend from dominant, dynamic, powerful poses and outfits into a sensual, fluid movement. 

Search 'Gareth Pugh',  'Show Studio'  on YouTube, sit back and be amazed.


Antwerp Fashion Museum, August 2010

Antwerp Fashion Museum, August 2010.