Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Shoes 'Maketh' The Man!

The shoes 'maketh' the man. 
That is the motto here. 
The tailored look is cool, strong and sophisticated this season, a little tweed, a touch of the vintage dandy mixed with the addition of a bow tie or two. But the final touch in this style statement is a clear shoe statement.

Strong shoes, tough traditional shoes, beautiful shoes, quality shoes and if possible ...........Hand made shoes!

You can feel the authenticity, you can almost smell the leather quality, you can sense the history in the making, walking, re sole-ing, polishing on a Sunday evening, new laces, packing for weekends away.........

High quality and handmade with heritage and tradition.

Take a sartorial step into the 'Vintage shoe trend', and take a few, new, authentic strides.
This fall season you can really separate the men from the boys with a quick look at the footwear department!!

It is all about 'The Brogue', 'The Grenson', 'The Derby Boot', 'The Toby boot' or what ever they call it in your neighbourhood! 
It is for sure expensive, tough wearing and beautifully made.

Wear them with your trousers at a little 'high water' for the ultimate effect and with some casual contrast laces and step out in style!! Dark brown and Dandy.
Oliver Spencer.( for a flamboyant contrast lace up.

My iconic hero, Joe Casely Hayford with his latest collaboration with those clever people at John Lewis. The stamped brogue in dark brown, tan and black.

A visionary statement, a little touch of daring with the blue laces. 

In total black minimalism with a tough stance, no frills, no playing around. 
Joe Casely Hayford for John Lewis.

The Oliver Spencer Derry boot. The future of the modern classic.