Sunday, 31 October 2010

Trends: Berlin - The check shirt.

All Checked Out And Nowhere to Go!

The story is based on renewed and updated vintage and modern checks. 
Bold, large scale, brushed, warm, winter woodland and ultimately checked!!

This is a statement that has been shown from Dries van Noten to Uniqlo. 
So follow the message this winter and 'check it up'!!

It starts from the tough casual, 'Outdoors Hunter Style' to the Sartorialist, Earnest Hemingway 'Fisherman look'.  It is versatile as there are variations in fabric and layering.

Dress it up or down, preppy or just tough. 
This season fine or chunky knitted layers add depth and texture, heavy scarves, tough Chukka boots or Red wings are the ultimate in authentic footwear accessories.

Take note the checked shirt, red, blue, or green can never fail, but for a daring attitude, add a flash of ochre yellow or sharp fluorescent tones. 

Then mix and match to your hearts desire!. 
Add the final touch with 'Raw unwashed Denim' and your ready to go!

Checks at 'Bread and Butter',  Berlin 2010

'Bread and Butter', Berlin 2010.

Vintage blanket checks. Ochre / Black.

Faded Plaid check.

Romantic embroidered twists and adaptations.

Traditional Woodland Red, 'Lumberjack check'.

Something a little more ' Town and Country', 'Surrey Hunting Style' with a medium square '4x4' check.