Saturday, 20 March 2010

Trends: New York, NYC- The Watchman's Closet.

Inside 'The Watchman's Closet' is a treasure trove of forgotten stories.
A theatrical lair of mystery and disused glamour.
This touch of style, exposes a colour palette which is rich in art deco influences and 50's inspired chalky colours.

Salmon pinks, combined with gold edges, old dark leather edged in lacquered black and brown. dark oak leather sofas, oozing secret stories of romance and secret back room deals. Colours which have a feeling of mystique and hidden tales.
The aged silverware and rich velour upholstery are all the more inviting to touch and share in this unique collection of individual past lives.

In this past life we can only suppose on the fictional characters and the lives they lead.
Entertaining in the New York, 'Upper Central Park' area, is the fictional setting of this scene, a scene where a look is created, a style developed by an inspirational collector.
A series of collected items, mixed with an inspiration from Yves St. Laurent.
A mix of European Style and Hollywood eccentricity.

New styled Grandfather clocks, bureaus and chaise longs.
Telephone chairs wrapped in soft high shine velour and gold gilt edges, beautiful old medicine cupboards filled with delicate dressing items, such as combs and mirrors, to stuffed huge real life size old Grizzly Bears and preserved exotic birds.
The accountants old writing desks, edged and laid with soft fine leather and perfect hand made studding make the perfect accessory in this look which has a tremendous amount of clever crafted details and a swing of forgotten opulence.

The key is Eclectic.
Armchairs, day chairs, single dining chairs. All of these items are visible with a little touch of something individually silent but collectively alive. The mix is carefully considered and thrown together in a way that is free.

A small table dressed with a 'Lamp of Distinction'. Long, elegant and refined.
High shine tables, mirrored semi transparent or reflective.
Lacquered floors, herringbone patterns or oversized Octagonal shapes.
Feel the elegance and the harmony of a well travelled style.

Vive, 'La Vie en Rose............

Sidney Rhule