Tuesday, 9 March 2010

City Visit - Paris "le Velo Libre!"

City Visit - Paris.
This is where it all begins.........

It starts from here, make a small inscription and pick up the bike!

It is as easy as that. Just remember to follow all the steps including the step after - "Choose your Bike!" as this is where you actually need to select on the key pad which bike you will take.

Not, as I did,  just to go to the bike and start pulling like 'A Crazy Jewel thief', looking for his getaway bike!

No, it is much simpler- just type in the number of the bike, press validate and it de-magnetizes before your eyes!

Now you leave!

Excellent!- Riding from Nation to Rue Etienne Marcel, beautiful! clear sky, fresh(ish) air and the total freedom of a quiet 'Northern European City' This makes moving around in Paris, very cool.

Paris style, sharp in black mac. Cool leather weekend bag.