Saturday, 20 March 2010

Trends: The doors of Spring 2010 are finally Open...

Before we get in to the feeling of Spring, sit back and have a look at this statement below!
Blow off the winter cobwebs, in hale, and read!!
More style will follow!.

More Brain Stuff . . From Cambridge University .

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The Doors of spring are finally open!
Fresh new colours, the artistic sketch touch and the energy of freedom and borderless creativity.
The boutiqe is born this season with a pop culture. An energy of style that is exposed through lights, colours, modern methods of communication and an artistic eye.

New signs of life.
How can we harness this creativity into a symbol of the new decade.
take things into a new environment, a new context and a new dimension.

Sketch is a store in Den Haag, The Netherlands.
A store of Fashion Furniture, Food and Design.
hmmm what a beautiful combination.
Shaded grey interior, Chalk written notices and a instinctive energy of style.
Raf by Raf Simmons. was one of the key highlights as was the hospital style curtains as the innovative changing rooms.
Purple, Checks, warm yelllow and white.

Watch the White message it will be big this year!!

The chainging rooms continue the theatrical message and invite you to enter the wonderland of design and New Clothes.....

Design it.......
Hand drawing is coming in loud and clear on my Radar.....
Draw it.....
Exhibit it.....
Love it!!......

'Bloomin' lovely style'......
Grow in the bag taken to new levels......
Huge grow sacks with great 'Triffid' like flowers.
(old enough to remember the killer plants from 'Doctor Who' era.....'Day of the Triffids'!)

If anyone can help me out with remembering the name of these flowers ....???
Please leave a message in the comments below!
It's on the tip of my tongue!!........... 

xx Sidney Rhule

Trends: New York, NYC- The Watchman's Closet.

Inside 'The Watchman's Closet' is a treasure trove of forgotten stories.
A theatrical lair of mystery and disused glamour.
This touch of style, exposes a colour palette which is rich in art deco influences and 50's inspired chalky colours.

Salmon pinks, combined with gold edges, old dark leather edged in lacquered black and brown. dark oak leather sofas, oozing secret stories of romance and secret back room deals. Colours which have a feeling of mystique and hidden tales.
The aged silverware and rich velour upholstery are all the more inviting to touch and share in this unique collection of individual past lives.

In this past life we can only suppose on the fictional characters and the lives they lead.
Entertaining in the New York, 'Upper Central Park' area, is the fictional setting of this scene, a scene where a look is created, a style developed by an inspirational collector.
A series of collected items, mixed with an inspiration from Yves St. Laurent.
A mix of European Style and Hollywood eccentricity.

New styled Grandfather clocks, bureaus and chaise longs.
Telephone chairs wrapped in soft high shine velour and gold gilt edges, beautiful old medicine cupboards filled with delicate dressing items, such as combs and mirrors, to stuffed huge real life size old Grizzly Bears and preserved exotic birds.
The accountants old writing desks, edged and laid with soft fine leather and perfect hand made studding make the perfect accessory in this look which has a tremendous amount of clever crafted details and a swing of forgotten opulence.

The key is Eclectic.
Armchairs, day chairs, single dining chairs. All of these items are visible with a little touch of something individually silent but collectively alive. The mix is carefully considered and thrown together in a way that is free.

A small table dressed with a 'Lamp of Distinction'. Long, elegant and refined.
High shine tables, mirrored semi transparent or reflective.
Lacquered floors, herringbone patterns or oversized Octagonal shapes.
Feel the elegance and the harmony of a well travelled style.

Vive, 'La Vie en Rose............

Sidney Rhule

Trends: The Modern Breton Stripe

Trends- The Modern Breton Stripe

We are almost out of our seasonal 'Hibernation' and we will soon need to know what to wear!. 
It has to be said that SS2010 will be a season of fresh new colour palettes, where there is a new colour and a new word which will be added to our dictionary - 

'Nude'- meaning skin tone (not everyones skin tone but the fashion skin tone!

Then next to that will need to be mentioned - The Stripe! But here in a retro 80's style t shirt. 
part punk rock Sex Pistols, part Parisian Chic style.

Stripes have often been pointers towards rebellion, anti establishment and acts of aggression. Or across the channel it was seen as a wink towards the chic vintage bicycle cycling of nonchalant Parisians!

Stripes combined with White, Nude, Mandarin Black and Dune colours combine to give a graphical modern retro touch.

New placements, romantic colour combinations.

Wider necklines and appliqued decorative bows find a creative twist on classic style.

A tailored blazer with cropped rolled sleeves, revives the rebellion in the stripe look.
Mix it with Metal chains and shoulder details, and torn or catscratched denim for a step on the wild side!

Brogues look cool in this modern classic with a futuristic twist.
High shine, and exaggerated colour combinations rock!

And with an L.A Designer touch with stud details and denim Hotpants.
Add some Melrose Thrift style with eccentric vintage shoes!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

City Visit - Paris "le Velo Libre!"

City Visit - Paris.
This is where it all begins.........

It starts from here, make a small inscription and pick up the bike!

It is as easy as that. Just remember to follow all the steps including the step after - "Choose your Bike!" as this is where you actually need to select on the key pad which bike you will take.

Not, as I did,  just to go to the bike and start pulling like 'A Crazy Jewel thief', looking for his getaway bike!

No, it is much simpler- just type in the number of the bike, press validate and it de-magnetizes before your eyes!

Now you leave!

Excellent!- Riding from Nation to Rue Etienne Marcel, beautiful! clear sky, fresh(ish) air and the total freedom of a quiet 'Northern European City' This makes moving around in Paris, very cool.

Paris style, sharp in black mac. Cool leather weekend bag.

Trends: Colour Wonderland

The Colour Wonderland, fresh new looks in colour.

Just in time for the new season and the change from Winter into spring. Colour is here!
SS2010 will be a Kaleidoscope of fresh new colours, bright turquoises, lavenders, purple, and of course the combination of pastels and fresh citrus.

THE foundation of this season will be White! 
White cottons, white linens, white jersey, white cups, white plates, white hats, white shoes and sneakers.
This white canvas exposes, untampered creativity, a purity that is sharp and daring, it is 'White Hot'

Refresh the palette, bring light and radiance to the fresh tones. 
Combine white with everything to create a look that is rich from the early crisp wintery mornings.

The 80's is very visible with colours combining with an element of shock tactics. Cyan next to Flourescent orange, Flourescent pink next to Electric Blue.

This is a clash of Ultra Modernity. 
A super modern exposure of the principals of dynamic action.

Colette, Paris March 2010.

Colette, Paris March 2010.

Open the doors of light into a wonderland of design and style.
The mysteries of fresh new ideas unfold like a children's novel.
The new season palette exposed by the coloured doors.

Colours SS2010, Moda Fabriek 2009

Paris Metro, March 2010
The sophistication of Pastels is Springs little gift to us.

Hermes, Spring 2010

Paris, Who's Next. 2010
Fresh, light, pastels.
Just Add White.

Paul Smith. Spring 2009
The maetro of colour also blends Checks.