Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Trends- The Language of Colour

The Language of Colour.

Lets talk about impact, lets talk about blends, lets talk about primaries Reds, Blues, Yellows and Purples.

From Art to fashion a blur of colour is present.
Fresh, artistic and a Kaleidoscope mix.

Science museum Fresh art to welcome you in.
February 2009. London.

The word is Red pants on the street! 
Florence, June 2009.

The principals of colour.
Paris, May 2009.

Alife found a way to bring contrast and fresh new marks.
Paris , June 2009.

Nike Air Dunks in limited edition purple with yellow laces.
Antwerp, May 2009.

Argyles from the colour god.
Florence June 2009.

Yellow Converse with the new style lacing.
It is the screaming yellow.
Florence, June 2009.

The 'Good Old Days' are alive and revisited, inside a life size Kaleidoscope. 
London Science Museum, February 2009