Monday, 13 July 2009

The Signs Of Life

The Signs are the lifeblood of the street voice.
From stenciled art to the spray paint of a new distorted message. 
We look for the new signs with a hunger and vitality that shares the new emotion.

The new season Fall winter 2009 is in our warm air.
The Language of Diversity is my spin on the new temptations.......
A mix of energy and communication is unleashed in a way that embraces combinations freedom of mix and match the blend of old and new, known and unchartered.
These new flavours are combined with a spirit of Eclectic English Vintage, 80's graphic Modernity, twisted with a spot of Russian cultures Eastern European nationalism and a final measure of textured natural authentics with a outdoors heritage. 

80's disco text with the tacky neon lights, generates a downtown mood rolled up sleeves, bright pastels, espadrilles, and shocking Miami Vice cocktails!

The original downtown cafe sign.
Amsterdam June '09

Say it with words. Light it up and see what the night light delivers.
Help! Amsterdam - June '09

FIFA World cup 2012 is not far away!
World Cup Fever is far more contagious than any string of the H1 91 swine flu! and Man flu for that matter.
A large measure of football watching is the only know cure.
Please be aware that the side effects are quite serious, as it brings on a severe Football Widow syndrome in Women.!

7 - 1 - 2 is the new formation for the South African National team.
With 10 players they feel that the home advantage will compensate the 11th player who is still in a political prison! But with 7 in Attack, 1 midfielder and 2 in defense they feel that they will be playing an Ajax style total football game!

Language of the street, poetic tears.

Long Hair and thin Moustache.....John Galliano, I presume?!