Friday, 20 March 2009

The Wizardy of Multi Colours

From the street to the stores, the wizardy of art and colour is playing a ever growing role.

Flourescents, pop colours, fresh twist on acent colours and primary colours are breaking all conventional mindsets.

Let go of preconceptions and embrace the recession proof use of colour and imagination.

In pattern and line, the colours have a rythym and movement that is almost a new new glow.

The artworld and the street get closer as inspiration blurs into reality ad reality becomes also a new form of inspiration. hand drawn hand painted hand designed hand customised.


This was painted and shown at the

'Carte Blanche' exhibition,

Du Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication.

By Nicolas Panayotou.



A sccoter in Amsterdam, continues the message of multiple colours in communication.


Clercy Brice Paris Les Halles.

The sneaker unverse has never been the same since the Nike Presto launched the Nike ID. Where you could choose multiple panels to create you own personal ID sneaker. even with your own name.

Multiple elements that can be all interchangeable...........

Ipod nano colours>??

Blackberry individual colours>>?


A free art wall in Printemps Paris.

Layers of multiple designs, the chaos here is what makes it so right.

Album cover art and street graffiti coming together.

Hmmm, lets all get down with the kids.


Fendi store Florence.

Celebrating the Fendi Baggette, they commissioned this street art inspired window.

This was also the lining of the special edition bag.

Cool art!.