Tuesday, 17 March 2009

WE Love Los Angeles! - City Visit The Original Vintage.

Los Angeles.
Super Cool Glamorous and style driven!.

The mood was exciting and bustling with an energy of discovery
and passion.

Some of the main elements were;

Vintage glamourCheck shirts
Chic style
Powerful sharp colours.

This lady has elegance and cool in her veridian green coat and scarf to match.
Way to go- madam.

Checks- vintage inspired fitted and with red and blue key elements.

Worn with slim fit jeans, in a modern twist on the vintage theme.

Flannel look cotton checks square small checks

Electric pop accents in a Sketch Style.
Styled with Wide Belt and Beehive for that "Rockabilly" touch!
Watch out Amy!

Traditional red tartan check, black faded vintage denims.
N.B Josephs stripe coat is not cool!

Patchwork checks with bleached over tone.
Vintage chic.