Friday, 20 March 2009

Trends - "The Art of Denim"

It is all in the jeans!
Hung on chains, framed in acrylic, denim is again getting interesting.

True Blue indigo
red Cast indigo
70's blue
80's Mania
Green washings
Aged and distressed
Organic dark wash
Recycled and remade.

"What ever you do ..........Roll em up!"
Amsterdam March 09.


Rolled hems, in a nod to 'Don Johnson' from cult TV show, 'Miami Vice',
is the way to go!
Keep them neat, keep them narrow at the hems or roll them up, and fold them in, for the slim tapered look.

The rolled hem slim fit, hits the street.
Expect it to be 'big' this summer, combined with the 'Low Crotch'.

Copenhagen August 08,

Tables and 'Denim gallery' style.
Piled, layered, hung .
Refreshingly 'jeansy'!
Refreshingly simple!
Amsterdam, Feb 09.

Get those 80's styles drain pipes!
Coloured stitching.
Same jeans in all different colour stitching's.

Add slim disco belt and concert pin badge, for touch of authentic disco mania.
Anyone remember the brand Kiku Jeans?? circa 1982?
Same concept. Still rockin'
'Kitson' Los Angleles.


True Red Cast Blue denim.
Retro inspired high waist.
Deep indigo blue and simple seam and stitch concept.

'Kitson' , Los Angeles.