Friday, 20 March 2009

Louis Vuitton - Heroes Windows, on the street. Amsterdam City Visit.

Hero Windows

They are fast becoming a trend.

Stand alone, share imagination in a luxury environment.

Express and support a creative idea.

Have the courage to show directly what you believe in.

Immortalise the item in its beauty and the consumers will understand that this is THE item .

What do you believe in?

One of the greatest windows in Amsterdam Jan 2009.

The Louis Vuitton window.

Chrome plated CCTV cameras, all focused on Hero products.

Here the product is really the hero.


An inflatable capsule in London. soft and elegant. The contrast in materieals with the Paper cut Chandelier, and the soft but hard lines of a chesterfield igloo.

Create together a drama that is graceful and glacial.


The collective image of age and refined simplicity.

in the style of a faded photograph, is a twist in faded beauty and clean modernity.