Friday, 20 March 2009

Trends - "Windows of Art"

London Calling !

The Camper window with it's torn through advertising posters is just fantastic!
The Ultimate statement in originality !

"Just rip it up and start again.............."

London, Bond Street.
March 09

Trends - "The Art of Denim"

It is all in the jeans!
Hung on chains, framed in acrylic, denim is again getting interesting.

True Blue indigo
red Cast indigo
70's blue
80's Mania
Green washings
Aged and distressed
Organic dark wash
Recycled and remade.

"What ever you do ..........Roll em up!"
Amsterdam March 09.


Rolled hems, in a nod to 'Don Johnson' from cult TV show, 'Miami Vice',
is the way to go!
Keep them neat, keep them narrow at the hems or roll them up, and fold them in, for the slim tapered look.

The rolled hem slim fit, hits the street.
Expect it to be 'big' this summer, combined with the 'Low Crotch'.

Copenhagen August 08,

Tables and 'Denim gallery' style.
Piled, layered, hung .
Refreshingly 'jeansy'!
Refreshingly simple!
Amsterdam, Feb 09.

Get those 80's styles drain pipes!
Coloured stitching.
Same jeans in all different colour stitching's.

Add slim disco belt and concert pin badge, for touch of authentic disco mania.
Anyone remember the brand Kiku Jeans?? circa 1982?
Same concept. Still rockin'
'Kitson' Los Angleles.


True Red Cast Blue denim.
Retro inspired high waist.
Deep indigo blue and simple seam and stitch concept.

'Kitson' , Los Angeles.

Louis Vuitton - Heroes Windows, on the street. Amsterdam City Visit.

Hero Windows

They are fast becoming a trend.

Stand alone, share imagination in a luxury environment.

Express and support a creative idea.

Have the courage to show directly what you believe in.

Immortalise the item in its beauty and the consumers will understand that this is THE item .

What do you believe in?

One of the greatest windows in Amsterdam Jan 2009.

The Louis Vuitton window.

Chrome plated CCTV cameras, all focused on Hero products.

Here the product is really the hero.


An inflatable capsule in London. soft and elegant. The contrast in materieals with the Paper cut Chandelier, and the soft but hard lines of a chesterfield igloo.

Create together a drama that is graceful and glacial.


The collective image of age and refined simplicity.

in the style of a faded photograph, is a twist in faded beauty and clean modernity.


The Wizardy of Multi Colours

From the street to the stores, the wizardy of art and colour is playing a ever growing role.

Flourescents, pop colours, fresh twist on acent colours and primary colours are breaking all conventional mindsets.

Let go of preconceptions and embrace the recession proof use of colour and imagination.

In pattern and line, the colours have a rythym and movement that is almost a new new glow.

The artworld and the street get closer as inspiration blurs into reality ad reality becomes also a new form of inspiration. hand drawn hand painted hand designed hand customised.


This was painted and shown at the

'Carte Blanche' exhibition,

Du Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication.

By Nicolas Panayotou.



A sccoter in Amsterdam, continues the message of multiple colours in communication.


Clercy Brice Paris Les Halles.

The sneaker unverse has never been the same since the Nike Presto launched the Nike ID. Where you could choose multiple panels to create you own personal ID sneaker. even with your own name.

Multiple elements that can be all interchangeable...........

Ipod nano colours>??

Blackberry individual colours>>?


A free art wall in Printemps Paris.

Layers of multiple designs, the chaos here is what makes it so right.

Album cover art and street graffiti coming together.

Hmmm, lets all get down with the kids.


Fendi store Florence.

Celebrating the Fendi Baggette, they commissioned this street art inspired window.

This was also the lining of the special edition bag.

Cool art!.


Husseyin Chalayan Fashion and Art - London Lights Up

The setting was London Design Museum.

The lights were on the stage was set, the theatre that is Husseyin Chalayan was in full flight.

Design and a clever eye on futre technology and movement.

Step in the world of possibilities.


LED lights play with glow and reflection.

creating a plasma of light effect.

Beautiful art in motion.


Simplicity and Clarity.

White light in a clean and glowing futuristic spectrum.


From the wings of a plane, we edge closer to new possibilities.

Simultaneous projection. see yourself from different views.

Where are you going?, What do you see?, How do people see you?


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

City visit Los Angeles - Something else..... "The Standard Hotel"

Just a little something different,

The Standard Hotel is always out on the edge with a quirky twist on life.

The Live Art concept is still strong and never truer than the installation...
"The first days of Spring are here!", (my own title.)

Enjoy and see you tomorrow.

Denim Trends - Los Angeles City Visit. "Design is in the details".

The design is in the details.

"Experience is still rich in the Eco world, organic and organic with a story."

Add small things which will allow you to personalise or customise at a later date.

In this case we see a small tool kit which pronounces the properties of organic, while still allowing you to connect, at a later date, with the garment through rubbing and aging by hand.
Simply cool!.

Organic cotton labelling.

Authentic design and style / fit communication, Adriano Goldschmeid.

Authentic studding and leather details by True Religion.

Vintage buttons and original thread concept. John Varvatos.

Front side of label and aged image of labels adds to authenticity. 
Reverse side exposes red stitching.

Celebrity style Guru

Take note True Cool .
Celebrity or Style Guru, the looks are right.

"Hotter than a Ham and Cheese Toastie!"

She is pure LA style, sharp refined and confident.
He relaxed and original vintage- with the Gucci shoes to match.
Friends related or acquaintance they make the city alive.

The Pasadena Market

The Pasadena Market at the Pasadena Rosebol stadium.

A carnival of days gone by.
Riches from all over the world. the by products of great ideas and cherished garments now waiting to become a new mans treasure.

"T - shirts, T -shirts everywhere and not a drop to drink......."

True Blue Vintage.

"The Lost Angel" of Los Angeles.

Printed knitwear with artworks.

"I need a new check shirt, come on guys can you help? "...

Free. David Potter 48yrs old from Pasadena, gives joy and fun .

€1000.00 Coco the Clown, painted by an anonymous artist, "1936 wall street crash."
Which one has the better value?
You choose.

Graphics "Out and About"

The Graphic story was split over vintage and modern.
These two directions were the most relevant.
Aged washing with a simple body conscious fit.

Graphics which can be drawn from 80's inspiration outline text is coming up as a strong link.

Transfer print in the street.

Mosaic patterns in multi colour combinations.

Vintage inspired placed prints with a touch of "the old world",
"ornate patterns" in a vintage style.

Keep your "Abbercrombie" body in shape with sponsorship from............

Lets get 'Arty' with the Beatles.

Something from the digital future.

Retro baseball jackets (Along way from home!!)

The 'Goodwill embroidery'. Will last for ever.

Essential Vintage, Los Angeles

In the Robertson area, the mood from Kitson to Anne Klein,
The statement in women's was

  • Powerful colours, from bright pastels, to acid colours,
  • Beautiful fabrics, semi transparent, soft crinkle and soft textured.
  • Short ruffles, long ruffles,
  • New bow details, pinned bows, applique elements, delicate decoration.
  • Refined edging details, hemmed stitching, contrast fabrics.
  • A commitment to beauty and ultra femininity.

Vintage, Vintage, Vintage and more vintage in a glamorous chic mood.

Flowing ruffles,
fresh new colours,
finished with a touch of personality, "Friendship beads".

Vintage denims
Green washing
Slim fit or slim fit boot cut.

Beauty in white.
Gold edge with the bracelet and necklace.
Rolled cuffs and structures in fabrics.

Love is in the air!
Fine gold elements
Touches of pearls and urban heart symbols.

Outspoken modernity.
Expressive necklaces.
Gold and circles.

The Birds of Paradise.
Modern vintage with a touch of the artist.
Mixed patterns in fluid flowing styles and finished with long gold necklace.

WE Love Los Angeles! - City Visit The Original Vintage.

Los Angeles.
Super Cool Glamorous and style driven!.

The mood was exciting and bustling with an energy of discovery
and passion.

Some of the main elements were;

Vintage glamourCheck shirts
Chic style
Powerful sharp colours.

This lady has elegance and cool in her veridian green coat and scarf to match.
Way to go- madam.

Checks- vintage inspired fitted and with red and blue key elements.

Worn with slim fit jeans, in a modern twist on the vintage theme.

Flannel look cotton checks square small checks

Electric pop accents in a Sketch Style.
Styled with Wide Belt and Beehive for that "Rockabilly" touch!
Watch out Amy!

Traditional red tartan check, black faded vintage denims.
N.B Josephs stripe coat is not cool!

Patchwork checks with bleached over tone.
Vintage chic.