Thursday, 23 July 2015

Amsterdam Street style, Extreme flares. - Kelly Connor, Denim Editor Vogue US.

Extreme volume, extreme flares are becoming part of a quiet "Pants Revolution".

The recent catwalk shows have all featured pants with fantastic volume and a seventies swagger was evident from Gucci to Anna Sui. This is more than a revival style it is definitely a top trend for the stylish massive!

The best of these styles, play with a 70's true blue colour, while other go all out on details too. featuring twin needle top-stitching, brushed and double stitched seams, hem have been sewn up and then let down, to highlight the faded areas and bright blue colours underneath.

Look out for this in the coming Fall Winter 15 season and also an overflow of this look into the Spring Summer 16 directions.

The mysteries of androgynous dressing are not intertwined here. This is purely a statement in ultimate femininity. 
As the volume trend tries to break the grip of the skinny, super slim fit jeans of last season, we need to make way in your wardrobes for the slim fit, flared, hybrid update. 
The flared jean was always predicted to come back, boot cut, wide leg, 'Patte de Elephant', and now we have it we are into extreme flares.

Kelly Connor, the denim Editor for Vogue US, was at the KingPin show, when we spotted her stylish strides. Slim cut on the waist and thighs and then 'boooooom', an explosion of volume from the knee to the hem.

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Monday, 20 July 2015

Denim Premiere Vision - Extreme Flares - Roberta Fabbri - Guess.

Do you remember how you can always tell a true Millennial 'trendsetter'? ....
Not by her flares, but definitely by her hair colour!
The touch of blue, highlights Roberta's wild side!

Look out for my trend report,  Denim Most Wanted, in View2 Magazine. Out in beginning September 2015.

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Individuals of style - Denim Gentlemen.

Some men have a certain recognisable quality, that is that they have a swagger and a sense of style.

It could be the charisma they express, it could be the twinkle in their eyes.
It's always a little difficult to tell and why, but it happens a lot when Denim and Beards combine!

Meet our 2 next Individuals of Style.

Dion a Dutch creative at Mud Jeans, with a passion for both Denim and beards!

And meet Jose  Vives "Pepin" with his  new label JWJ denim, authentic Japanese denim and exclusive hand woven silk shantung under collar details.

Premiere Vision Denim - The new name and the new denim trends.

Denim By Premiere Vision has a new name, it's now under the banner of Premiere Vision Denim. 
Simple and very effective - it says exactly what it is!

This was the new look show under the theme of Denim Constellation. 
There was a strong focus on the magic of denim like never before, highlighting the numerous coatings, waxing, textures, quilted opportunities, the slub thread combinations, the stripe patterns and the new decorative lazering that seems to be driving the new computer programmed laser blasting trend. 
The possibilities available while combining the craftsman's knowhow with technical effects is simply incredible. Somewhere it is almost like 'magic'. As the invisible laser beam passes horizontally down an inflated pair of jeans, an incredible sight unfolds, a new pattern inspired by Japanese Kimonos or authentic whiskers, are instantly uncovered, with the new design being etched delicately into the jeans.

This technique combined with the developments in waterless dying seem to be completely unlocking the potential of a totally new way in thinking about denim design development.

Some of the purist will raise their eyebrows, and put on a stern look, as this is not the original way of doing things... but that's exactly what we are dealing with today. We need to let go of the old values and embrace the new ways of doing things... this is opening up our possibilities.

Even creatives, such as Josh Knight from Denim Clothing Company are acknowledging that
" Today it's better to share!" ........
........sharing developments and technical knowhow between washers, dyers, laser technicians, producers and pattern makers means that designers, such as him, can really achieve the impossible and design with a new imagination.

Q. Is it wrong to look at denim through the lens of multiple techniques?
A. Not at all. This is what keeps things interesting and never boring.

Q. If there are advancements shouldn't we be able to bring them into creative advantages?
A. Of course we need to to keep moving forwards and energising creativity.

Here was an exhibition in the masterclass of waterless dying, non chemical ageing and the incredible laser techniques, replicating years and years of faithful wear details, simply by the push of a button!
Just look out where this takes us!

Individuals of Style - Roberta Fabbri, Guess Italy @Premiere Vision Denim, Barcelona.

A true Millennial always wears her hair blue!
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The Individuals of Style - Dio Kurazawa @Premier Vision Denim, Barcelona.

Dedicated to a man who appreciates Maharishi style!
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Individuals of Style - Katy Katazone / Worn Publications @Premiere Vision Denim, Barcelona.