Thursday, 4 February 2016

Individuals of Style : Robin from Tiger of Sweden, highlights the utility camouflage trend.

Kingpins Amsterdam: Individuals of Style. mred1970 AKA Dave Edwards

As we see the denim trucker jacket making a key influence in style trends, we notice that the number of different material variations, which each breathe new life and inspiration into this icon evergreen.

Dave Edwards- Also known as Mr Ed1970 on Instagram, has a mountain of heritage inspired garments and uses them to great success with his collection at Petrol Industries.
You can see his instagram profile here.

So sit back and be inspired by the single chest pocket, mini check and tough workwear engineered details.

We love he remade vintage as new- the Helmet bag is having a revival in cotton drill and military service patches.
Watch out for more examples of Military utility combining with denim trends.

Thanks Mr Ed for taking part - enjoy SRx

Amsterdam Kingpins denim lovers: The details of Ron Sanders

If we look at what makes real denim passion, it has to be an overflow of energy and positive vibes and Ron had this in huge amounts!

He decided that today was his day of icons. So that made it easy for me to trend spot him at Kingpins  Premium denim show in Amsterdam.

Usually, I need to warm up my street style targets, to draw out their fashion passion or interesting stories but Ron was really clear about his denim motivation.

He loved his G star jacket because of its workwear and tailored influences, he deliberately loves to mix his denim colours "because that's what he feels is right at the moment."

The combination of super dark denim and bleached light shades.
His particular twist is the sanded beige tint wash, colour mix, and of course the selvedge denim details in the jacket add that element of premium identity!

Hand finished taped edges, Utility pocket details - 

Thanks for taking part. Enjoy SRx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Denim trend focus. Customised denim by Minime Paris.

The ultra creative collection by Marie at Minime Paris, has a luxury Haute Street Couture statement in superb cutting and fabric selection.

As we saw at the Tuileries expo at Premiere Classe in September, her SS2016 collection really makes a new statement in denim trends.
See full article Creative madness vs Creative Genius on Flash City Visit.

See more at her instagram@minimeParis


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

SCOUT LOOK 46 Artisan Article by Sidney Rhule

Denim trend spotting : Tu Es Mon Tresor - Japan

Here we see an Asian brand and style expressing a European feeling of urban innovation.

This premium denim brand is from Japan, with a French name, which is "Tu Es Mon Tresor".
The statement here is in hand made luxury and creatively individually customised.
This is something special for the Ladies!

The series ran in a few conceptual versions.
The Luxury Chanel - kit has been inspired by European luxury .
Pearls, sequins and prep school bows are the appliqués of choice here.
Retailing for €700 euros they are something very special, but originality never came cheaply.

Enjoy. SR.x

Trend Focus: View 2 article by Sidney Rhule - Decorative denims.

In Issue 18 of View 2, I made an article called "Made by me". Where I looked at 3 denim designers who were each launching their new FW15 collections with really hand finished articles.
Not interpretations, these were honest creations with a design led mentality. This is where design can really make a difference.
Each of the styles in full productions were made exactly from their prototypes and maintained their original ideas all the way through until a hand made production.

Here Laura Weil, working as a consultant at Escada, highlights her hand embellished 'diamante' beaded jeans and this made it back into the final production versions FW15 collection.