Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Individuals of Style - Manon, Punk Is Not Dead. street style Paris . View2

Punk is never dead, it just changes its face and focus.... 

Here we see the a revival of some punk style-codes, coloured hair, alternative fashion sense, nonchalant attitude, but the newness of a fresh smile!
Manon a dancer and student of Comedie Musical, is definitely used to presenting different faces, this is something that motivates her personal style. 

Her personal style is a presentation of her passion for life and all its twists and turns...

Singapore snap shots - A Bathing Ape Store.

Singapore Snapshots - The musical roots of Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Brand.

Getting in the mood for summermeans you need to find the right Polo !!
This summer season has a distinctive celebration of DIY culture!!
So check out the Fred PerryLaurel wreath collection for embellished and collaborative customisations.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Individuals of Style - Paris alternative Denim Update. Paris street style View2

Individual of style - Parisian Streetsyle - for him and for her....

Unisex styling - something for him and for her.
There has been a lot of discussion  recently over the future of unisex or androgynous styling. Is it something that is just a flash in the pan?

Something form the female wardrobe of Gucci, but never possible to translate into menswear?
Well it looks like we have achieve the right balance.....but it has to be about keeping it simple and uncomplicated.
No pussey bow necklines, no fancy pattens unless they are on the inside, and even in some cases, no buttons to confuse the situation is it a mens coat or a women coat?
No, this is the blanket coat revolution.

 Now when its cool for her, it can also be cool for him.

- 50 shades of grey.
- Classic simplicity
- Long and super long coats
- Plus a signature of sophisticated simplicity.
You need to be prepared this winter it is a clear must have- the his and hers wool tweed duster coat.

Thanks to  Segolene and Alexis for taking part..... Enjoy SRx

Individuals of style - Benoit- Camouflage rediscovered. Paris street style View2 Magazine.

Is camouflage in revival mode or did it just never die?
Reinvention is the name of the game, with classic codes being revised by the luxury designers, it is quite normal (maybe with too many images of war) for us to revisit the military standard Camouflage....

Dries Van Noten show room manager Benoit has the right balance between casual chic and modern style.
Benoit is here with his season-less favourite (Dries) coat, a clever mix of 'bomber jacket' style and long trench style  - top coat.
I personally hope that this is soon reissued! 
A new addition on my new seasonal must have list - yes please!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Individuals of Style - Punk is not dead... Marie - Paris Street style. View2.

Meet Marie, a gaming professional who has followed her passion right to the bitter end.....
After years of playing in her spare time and doing the right thing, studying, "proper job" and keeping her private life private, Marie, stepped out from the mainstream into the world of video games marketing!
Now that's what I'm talking about. Make it happen!

Who said that dreams never come true?